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The Future Of Dental Marketing – Are You Aware

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“As one dental client of mine said, “It’s not about hanging your shingle out front and waiting for new patients to come in the door anymore”. How true… Likewise, the future shows limited opportunity for sustained success with yellow page ads, newspaper ads and TV commercials. In addition, how many companies can continue to ethically contribute to landfills with wasted paper that some direct mail campaigns produce? ritazphotoimage22

Today we have an abundance of fresh (environment friendly, green) marketing options available from internet marketing to social media to blogs- and referral marketing of course. The major difference between the direction marketing and advertising is headed, from that of the past, is conversation. In the past much of marketing and advertising sought to “target” new clients with specific messages. Think one-way communication. For example, you (the consumer) see what I have to tell you and then you call me (the business owner) and become my customer.

In the future (in fact, it’s happening already), the most successful marketing and advertising will be a two-way conversation. One in which businesses share authentic, relevant information with potential clients… information which allows the potential new client to research, share, interact or participate with- before they make a decision about whether they want to become your customer or not .

Some practitioners will see “conversation” marketing as a burden. For those business owners, it was easier to invest in the biggest yellow page ad or cut a check for direct mail. All that was required was building the ad and they would come- maybe. In the future, the dentists who enjoy conversation, are comfortable sharing their personality/authenticity, and are willing to invest time and energy in getting to know others will find marketing a breeze.

In the end, marketing as a conversation will allow patients to more easily find their ideal dentist. Likewise dentists who participate in marketing as a conversation will find they are more apt to attract their ideal patients– it’s truly a win-win for everyone.

What’s your opinion?


Dentists- Is Your Marketing Struggling To Keep Up?

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During times of economic hardship, many dental practices turn to marketing for relief. However time and again, some dentists find themselves overwhelmed with their day-to-day tasks and consequently their marketing lags behind. ritazphotoimage28

If you find yourself regularly falling behind with your marketing duties, consider enlisting a “success” team. Enlist a motivated team member or dental marketing consultant to help you. In the book, “The Success Principles,” author Jack Canfield said, “Your goal is to find the top one, two or three activities that best use your core genius, bring you the most money, and produce the greatest level of enjoyment”.

If you don’t have the time or simply don’t wish to maintain your marketing, there is never a need to go it alone. Remember, the most successful marketing is a result of consistent, ongoing action. Do what you need to do- today- to protect your core genius and keep your marketing on track.

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Dental Marketing…Tsunami Changes Ahead– or Not?

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Social media, blogs, podcasts, video… Have you heard about the massive tidal wave of marketing options that will affect us all? Dentists, marketers and businesses of every type are jumping into new territories- Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube, etc. But where does one go from there?ritazphotoimage26

Despite all the fun, exciting new ways to technologically reach out to clients and their communities, it is still critically important to focus on the basics. Referral marketing has been, and always will be, a primary marketing strategy for most dentists. Yes, new technologies will help to enhance the relationships, referrals and practice community you already have. However technology cannot replace quality patient relation skills, communication and effective referral systems, and this is what continues to drive positive word of mouth and referrals.

Don’t let new technologies and options overwhelm you. Rather, be open, learn about and embrace new marketing opportunities. Above all else, remember referrals are evidence of good patient relations and people skills- both of which are strengths that may be enhanced by, yet never fully replaced by technology.

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When The Newspapers Are Gone, Where Will Dentists Spend Their Advertising Dollars?

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Last week, the Rocky Mountain News closed its Colorado doors. As newspaper subscribers and advertisers continue to drop away, and additional newspapers fold, where do you think dentists will invest their advertising dollars? ritazphotoimage2

Hopefully not in TV, with the use of DVRs, who watches commercials anymore? Note: I’m not even going to acknowledge the phonebook. My prediction is the internet and social media. Advertising and marketing is continuing to move in the direction of pull not push. Even the word pull sounds inappropriate… instead how about permission based, relationship focused, social and visible marketing where both personality and purpose matter.

The marketing of the future will allow patients to effectively “shop” a practice before their first visit. New patients will likely choose the most authentically appealing dentist they can find. Whether by word of mouth, referral or internet search, people will want to peruse research and literally see their potential new dentist online before committing to a first appointment.

They’ll want to see video of the doctor, hygienist and office décor. Patients will expect to get a feel for the personality of the practice to determine whether it is the best fit for them. Does this mean the days of going to see a doctor without knowing what to expect are gone?

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5 Fresh Dental Marketing Tips To Help Boost Your Bottom Line in Today’s Economy

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Marketing is much more than advertising and getting new patients in the door. As you launch traditional marketing tactics, consider these timely suggestions as well. Direct from recent hands-on experience…  ritazphotoimage28

1) Remove negative press from your reception area

If you have magazines like Time, Newsweek, Fortune or newspapers in your reception room, get them out now. Most of the headlines and articles today highlight the bad economy. Patients will be less motivated to accept treatment with poor economic images at their fingertips. Replace negative headlines with health oriented magazines, such as Prevention.

2) Take a look at what annoys you in your office

Now is an opportune time to have that discussion with the receptionist who needs to step-up her casual-Friday look, the sour-apple assistant in the team or the treatment coordinator who can’t seem to find the time to make those follow-up calls. Perhaps you have none of these issues and have retained a magnificent staff? If so, congratulations! Even if your team is top-notch, everyone is able to continue to improve in some way, now is the time to recruit new ideas, implement fresh protocols and boost all aspects of practice.

3) Make sure your financial policies are in order

A few practices I work with are noticing slower compensation from insurance companies, slower paying patients, and more than usual defectors. According to a January 2009 Wall Street Journal article, it’s not uncommon for people to postpone paying in recessions. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to ensure your financial arrangements are clear, in writing and have patient signatures.

4) Build alliances

Dental practices are not the only businesses seeking more clients. Take advantage of the opportunity to approach like-minded businesses who might want to co-market. For example, share the cost of a direct mail piece or newsletter with another referral based business that serves similar clientele. Then offer a special to each others clients. Note, specials do not have to be discounts… think “bundling,” ie: have your teeth cleaned and receive a complimentary something.

5) Try something different

If you are in the habit of listening to the news every morning, stop it. Try listening to something motivating, wait and watch the news after work, or make a no-recession rule at the office. It is easy to commiserate with your team, but many times this only leaves people feeling worse.

What are you and your team doing to beat the economy and doldrums?

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Dentists – Word of Mouth is Waiting For You

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Remember when people were saying, “Someday every business will need a website”… or someday everyone will have a cell phone and email account?ritazphotoimage26

Today, the new “must have” is a Facebook page. Are you on board yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Here are the statistics:


  • More than 175 million active users
  • More than half of Facebook users are outside of college
  • The fastest growing demographic is those 30 years old and older


  • Average user has 120 friends on the site
  • More than 3 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
  • More than 3.5 million users become fans of Pages each day

If you haven’t yet embraced Facebook then you probably don’t know that other dentists, health care practices and even hospitals are getting established as we speak. The cost is free, plus your time or a team members time to maintain.

Set up a page, post photos, practice events, etc. Show some personality; however be sure to keep your postings and content consistent with your practice philosophy or brand.

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Dental Marketing That Consistently Delivers – Part Two

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Once you’ve mastered the basics in marketing (reference Part One of this blog article if you missed it), then you are ready for Level II marketing activities.  Here are a few Level II marketing activities that consistently deliver. ritazphotoimage22

Get A Website Already – if you still don’t have a website, get one.  Experts say about 70% of consumers today will shop the web before they make a purchase decision.  That means if people have a choice between you and someone who does have a website, they may choose them over you.  Patients want to learn about your team, see a photo of the doctor, tour the practice, review payment options, etc.  Need I say more?

Be Found On The Web – an internet marketing guru friend of mine said, “A website is like a giant billboard in outer space that no one can see if you can’t be found online”.  Be sure to do some research before you invest in search engine optimization services, check their client testimonials or get a referral from a trusted source.  

Advertise in Community Papers – these are newspapers or newsletters that your neighborhood or local community associations produce.  Search for those within 5 miles of your practice.  These papers typically get read cover to cover, as people want to know what is going on in their neighborhood.  Advertising rates can be fairly inexpensive and the big benefit is the ads are well targeted geographically. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 and more advanced marketing tips.  Need help?  Contact or call (303) 807-3827.