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Academy of Dental Management Consultant’s 2008 Meeting

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Rita Zamora and Lynda Kizer, President of Lynda Kizer & Associates

Rita Zamora and Lynda Kizer, President of Lynda Kizer & Associates

I’m back… spent last week in Texas at the ADMC meeting with experts like Lynda Kizer, president of Lynda Kizer & Associates. The ADMC hosts some of the best in our industry. Not just dental management and marketing experts, but some referred to as icons. What a privilege to be a part of this special event!

Feed Minds – Fuel Your Dental Practice

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Today I heard a dental assistant say she would really love to attend more CE and keep learning. I always love to hear someone ask to keep learning don’t you? The more we learn, the more we flourish- personally and professionally. One technique a doctor I work with used is to have the interested team member write up a short summary of why they’d like to attend a course and what they think they’d learn from it…

This technique forever changed the way I looked at CE seminars and programs. My mind shifted from “Wow, Florida will be a great conference location” to “Why do I REALLY want to attend this course and how will I use what I learn day-to-day.” Writing up pre-conference summaries committed me to learn the most I could, and to bring nuggets back to the office to implement and share.

So, the next time your team member asks if she can attend a course, first thank them for their interest and then ask them to write up their “Why and how” summary. It will positively change their perspective and your practice will benefit more from the investment.

How often does your team ask to attend CE?

Dentists – Need Great Leadership?

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Where do you turn for motivation, inspiration and leadership? I recommend Dr. Barry Polansky’s products and services. Visit his website There you’ll find teleseminars, coaching programs, dental masterminds and his book The Art of the Examination.

So, where do you turn for inspiration?