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So Why Aren’t More Dentists On Facebook?

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Hint, hint… Once the Yellow Pages® is on board with Facebook®, that’s another good sign it’s safe for dental practices to sign up too.


This does make me rethink my previous posts in which I said the internet is drowning phone book advertising… perhaps Yellow Pages® will live on, except on Facebook® instead of big tangible books.  Note this clipping is from the Canadian Yellow Pages®.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think phone books are about 5-10 years from being extinct. Their usefulness have past their prime when it comes to finding businesses. And just about no one goes to the phone book to find a person anymore. My local phone book has gone from the size of a 2000 page 5 pound book to a 500 page 1 pound mini book. It is a waste of paper as far as I am concerned. One shows up on my doorstep every 6 months and I just toss it in the garbage.

    The online version of the phone book still has some value but even it is becoming obsolete when one can do a google or zaba search to find a business or a person.

    Dentist should really consider using Facebook or Linkedin and eventually Twitter to help get their business found. What do they have to lose. All these services are free and can help get their practice ranked higher with the search engines.

    Again I say save some trees and get with the online program.

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