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Top 3 Marketing & Sales Tips for Dental Specialists

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1) Know Your Numbers- Specifically your case acceptance numbers. How many cases of orthodontic, periodontal or dental implant treatment plans did you present during a period of time and how many were accepted/completed for that same amount of time? Simple question right? You tell me… definitively in black and white, do you REALLY know what your numbers are? Guesses, estimations and hunches don’t count here. What matters is the concrete evidence. I’m really passionate about this, as I still run across many practices that are unaware of their numbers, not sure how to get them, where to get them or who wish they could avoid the topic altogether. These numbers are critical to diagnosing one of the major business-health aspects of your practice. This report can either give you peace of mind, or indicate where you might need help.ritazphotoimage24

2) Your Fortune is in Your Follow-Up – This phrase is one of my favorite mantras. Especially in this economy when patients may put treatment off longer than usual. In some cases it is worthwhile to follow-up with patients for up to two years. If you don’t already have an efficient follow-up system, implement one right away. Most importantly, don’t wait for a “slow day in the office” to handle the task, make it a priority- and keep up with it on a consistent basis. Follow-up is like the faucet for your business… open it up with good follow-up practices and you’ll continue to see a steady flow of production.

3) Think Face to Face – The best way to generate referrals for your practice is through face to face meetings. Whether you choose to do lunch, perform a presentation or make marketing visits, your referring practices need to see you. Face to face or in person meetings are the most effective way to generate referrals because it is active marketing (or sales) versus passive marketing such as direct mail. Active marketing is a two-way exchange meaning you not only get face time, you also get to listen and hear what the other person shares with you. Unlike mailing a letter where you state written information, however you don’t get to immediately hear from the other person, see their body language, read their expressions, etc. Start planning now for your 2009 face to face strategy and make your marketing more effective.

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Dental Marketing- What’s Hot

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Where is the absolute best place to market your practice right now? The answer is inside. Before you venture outside of your practice with direct mail or advertising, be sure you are maximizing the business you already have. Start off by seriously evaluating your case acceptance numbers. How many cases of treatment are you recommending, and how many are being accepted? Some practices are busy today despite the economy, and it’s easy to think busy equals profitable. Unfortunately this isn’t always true.

ritazphotoimage22There is only one way to confirm how successful your case acceptance is and that is to read your data. What does your data say? Plain and simple, your key data = how many cases were presented, and how many were accepted? It is very important to point out that low case acceptance does not necessarily mean poor case presentation… in many situations low acceptance can be a direct result of failure to follow up. One of my mantras is, “The fortune is in the follow up”. Especially in this economy when patients are holding off on treatment, and possibly holding off for longer periods of time, it’s critical to follow up with patients regularly. Keep in touch, show you care, continue to communicate benefits, make yourself accessible, etc.

Remember dental needs that don’t hurt are easy for some to defer; however when you are top of mind and someone’s budget finally allows for either a new TV or the crown they need, chances are higher they will think twice before running out to buy the TV (especially if they just read an article in your newsletter about how procrastination costs patients more…). The most rewarding part of case acceptance marketing and training is the win-win benefit. The better your presentation and follow up, the more patients will pursue treatment and gain health and/or beauty- and the more cases accepted, the higher profits you and your practice will enjoy.

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How To Jump Start Your Dental Marketing

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Most dentists and small business owners know they need to market… however where do you start? Do you invest a lot of time, money and energy into a comprehensive marketing plan? Should you hire someone to help or go it alone? So many questions arise and sometimes just the thoughts of marketing planning can be overwhelming. What if I told you it would be better not to invest too much time in planning? At least this is what some top consultants and coaches are saying… ritazphotoimage21

A few months ago I had the pleasure of hearing, Douglas B. Reeves, Ph.D., internationally recognized consultant, entrepreneur and Harvard University Distinguished Author, speak at a local seminar. He said, “70% of strategic plans are never initiated.” Instead, he recommended a “One page strategy,” something that will inspire action. This concept seems to be a trend, just this week I heard a multi-million dollar marketing coach say she’s never had a marketing plan. Instead she evaluates her situation regularly and takes action as needed.

This by no means is meant to imply you should never plan or think ahead. If strategic and in-depth planning works for you, go for it. If it doesn’t work for you, if multi-page marketing plans stress you out or make you feel bad, then try the one-page plan strategy. Take at least one healthy action step at a time. One action step alone can be freeing and motivating. Then just keep going, just like riding a bike, if you want to get anywhere you need to keep pedaling and stay in action.

So, what are your plans for marketing implementation this January 2009?

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Dental Case Presentation- Product Review- Featured Product: Henry Schein® GURU

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On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, I rate Henry Schein®  GURU a 10+.   After years of personally presenting thousands of periodontal and dental implant cases to sometimes scared, financially challenged or “difficult” patients, I can say with confidence, “This consult tool is terrific and will begin to return on your investment from the moment you use it”.  (No, I’m not employed by Henry Schein®. I just love practical solutions to long time problems). 


A specific example of the power of GURU is… A patient is in need of a Sinus Augmentation.  Ok, you can use all the good tangible visuals in the market and verbally explain it in succinct detail and still risk the patient not entirely understanding, or easily show the patient a brief animated program illustrating what happens to the sinus floor post tooth loss.  GURU’s illustration is the best available in the market, I’ve already seen it cut down on the sinus augmentation explanation time and… bonus, the patient definitively “got it,” he understood exactly what his situation was and clearly saw what he needed to do about it- and scheduled surgery immediately post viewing the program. 


There has never been a better visual of a sinus collapse or augmentation- at least that I’ve seen.  Further, GURU’s visuals are friendly and professional, and the program is intuitively useful… there’s even an option to email the patient their personal treatment “program”.  I love this tool and can’t wait to begin training my client’s teams to implement it in all appropriate facets of the practice.    


What are your thoughts?