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3 Toxins That Sabotage Dental Sales And Success

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It only takes one bad experience to chase patients away. Ask any dental practice… almost all have greeted new patients who just left their previous practice because they couldn’t stand someone’s poor treatment anymore. Sales toxins are also capable of deflating morale and breeding workplace hopelessness.

As healthcare providers, the public holds us more accountable than other businesses. Patients not only expect us to treat them with respect, they also observe the practice environment and team interaction to interpret what things are really like.

Here are three toxic behaviors and scenarios to avoid.

  •       Toxic talk – speaking negatively about colleagues, competitors, team members or patients… This is particularly harmful when coming from the leader of the practice. Team members look up to doctors and then adopt their mindset and behavior. There is no faster way to fill an entire team’s mindset with ill will, negative energy and prejudice than from a doctor who leads by example.
  •       TV or radio news – last week while waiting to meet with a dentist I watched CNN in the reception room. While waiting, I heard a story about marijuana and brain damage, saw what is going on with the war in Iraq and learned that four people had just been killed in a tornado- all of this news delivered within 5 brief minutes. If I had waited a few more minutes I probably could have also heard about the horrible economy and how nervous we should all be about spending money right now.
  •       Body language and facial expression – yes some people can read your mood without you saying a word. In fact, non-verbal communication accounts for 50% of what people think of you (100% when people don’t know you). Like attracts like. Want more smiles from your team? Start by offering up more friendly smiles yourself. The best news, it costs you nothing to smile and be genuinely friendly. A possible side effect, you might just feel terrific.

One more thing to consider is your thoughts. What’s on your mind most of the time – positive or negative thinking? Some experts believe energy from thoughts can travel like microscopic rays of light… emanating from your mind and body to penetrate those around you. Ever wonder why it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. Try to remain as positive as possible. Expect the best and lead by example. No marketing or sales strategy will pay off more than this.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” ~ Unknown Author

Written by Rita Zamora

June 24, 2008 at 10:58 pm